Three COP summit hosts unite to raise climate ambitions

In a move signaling renewed hope for international climate action, the United Arab Emirates (host of COP28), Azerbaijan (host of COP29), and Brazil (host of COP30) announced a bold and unprecedented collaboration this week. Aiming to propel the world towards bolder emissions cuts, these three nations plan to leverage their combined influence to galvanize ambition ahead of their respective climate summits.

This powerful alliance brings together diverse perspectives and strengths:

  • The UAE, a major oil producer, is keen to showcase its transition towards a greener economy, aiming to become a global hub for renewable energy.
  • Azerbaijan, boasting vast energy reserves, seeks to balance development with environmental responsibility, focusing on sustainable resource management.
  • Brazil, home to the Amazon rainforest, champions protecting biodiversity and indigenous communities while transitioning to a low-carbon future.

Their unified message is clear: the current pace of emissions reductions is insufficient. Together, they will:

  • Organize joint events and initiatives to amplify climate advocacy and encourage concrete action from other nations.
  • Share best practices and technological advancements in areas like renewable energy, carbon capture, and sustainable development.
  • Advocate for stronger financial commitments from developed nations to support climate action in developing countries.
  • Build bridges between different regions and stakeholder groups to foster collaboration and consensus on ambitious climate goals.

This trilateral alliance is a game-changer for the climate movement. With three major summits on the horizon, these nations have the opportunity to shape the global climate agenda and steer the world towards a more sustainable future. Whether they succeed will depend on their ability to mobilize collective action and translate ambition into concrete commitments.

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