Skip these 5 household items at Costco—they aren’t worth the bargain, says expert at finding deals

Costco, the land of warehouse-sized bargains, beckons with deals galore. But amidst the mega-packs and discounted delights, lurk some hidden pitfalls. To help you navigate the aisles and avoid post-purchase blues, here are 5 household items savings expert Joanna Ramhold advises skipping at Costco:

1. Breakfast Cereal: While the selection might be exciting, the prices are often similar to other wholesalers, and the sheer volume can lead to excessive sugar intake or stale flakes. Stick to familiar brands in smaller quantities at your regular grocery store.

2. Lip Balm: This long-lasting product rarely needs bulk buying. The tempting tubs might expire before you see the bottom, especially with multiple varieties vying for attention. Opt for smaller tubes or single-stick balms to avoid wasted product.

3. Over-the-Counter Pain Meds: While the price per pill might be enticing, consider your actual usage. Do you really need a year’s supply of aspirin or ibuprofen? Expiration dates can sneak up, and overstocking can lead to inappropriate medication use. Stick to smaller quantities based on your typical needs.

4. Fresh Produce: Costco’s abundant fruits and vegetables are great for large families, but for smaller households, they can quickly turn from fresh to forgotten. Unless you have a meal plan that utilizes every last carrot, stick to buying fresh produce in regular portions to avoid spoilage and wasted money.

5. Spices: Ground spices have a limited shelf life, losing their potency after about six months. Buying a giant container of chili powder, no matter how tempting the deal, might leave you with a bland excuse for dinner months down the line. Choose smaller quantities of spices you use frequently or opt for whole spices that grind fresh for maximum flavor.

Remember, smart shopping isn’t just about the price tag. Consider your consumption habits, storage space, and expiration dates to avoid buyer’s remorse and make the most of your Costco membership. Happy (and mindful) shopping!

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