LAND THE JOB The No. 1 resume mistake according to ex-Amazon recruiter: You see it ‘all the way up to the C-suite’

Forget fancy fonts and glitter glue – the biggest resume blunder you can make, according to a seasoned Amazon recruiter, has nothing to do with aesthetics. It’s all about the content, and specifically the way you describe your accomplishments.

Lindsay Mustain, who saw countless resumes in her decade at Amazon and now helms career coaching company Talent Paradigm, warns against the trap of “Miss America answers.” These are generic statements that fail to showcase your impact and distinguish you from the crowd. Think “responsible for managing projects” instead of “increased sales by 20% through strategic marketing campaign.”

This mistake, Mustain reveals, plagues resumes from entry-level all the way up to the C-suite. Generic descriptions leave hiring managers clueless about your true value and ability to contribute to their team. So, how do you ditch the “Miss America” routine and land the job?

Focus on results, not responsibilities: Don’t just list your duties – quantify your achievements. Use specific numbers, percentages, and concrete examples to demonstrate the impact you made. Did you save the company money? Boost efficiency? Launch a successful project? Show, don’t tell.

Tailor your resume to each job: Generic resumes are forgettable. Instead, carefully analyze the job description and highlight the skills and experiences most relevant to the specific role. This shows you’ve done your research and are a serious contender.

Action verbs are your allies: Replace passive language with strong verbs that paint a picture of your initiative and accomplishments. Instead of “was responsible for,” use “spearheaded,” “implemented,” or “achieved.”

Remember, it’s about them, not you: Don’t just talk about your skills – connect them to the employer’s needs. How will your unique talents benefit their company? Focus on solving their problems, not just showcasing your resume.

By ditching the “Miss America” approach and crafting a resume that speaks to the employer’s specific needs, you’ll be well on your way to landing the job of your dreams. Remember, it’s all about demonstrating value and standing out from the crowd.

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