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From Mama Kelce’s Kitchen: Hot Dogs and Pinot Grigio for a Super Bowl Win?

With Super Bowl LVII upon us, football fans everywhere are gearing up for a day of touchdowns, tackles, and, of course, delicious game-day snacks. But what about the unsung heroes of the big game: the moms cheering on their sons from the sidelines? Enter Donna Kelce, mother of star NFL players Travis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs) and Jason Kelce (Philadelphia Eagles), and official tastemaker of Team Kelce. This year, she’s sharing her winning hot dog and wine pairing to elevate your Super Bowl snacking experience.

Forget fancy hors d’oeuvres and gourmet spreads. Donna believes in keeping it simple and classic with a good old-fashioned hot dog. But her secret weapon isn’t in the hot dog itself (although I’m sure she has a preference there!), but in the wine pairing. Her go-to choice? A refreshing glass of Pinot Grigio.

This might seem like an unorthodox pairing for some, as many associate hot dogs with bolder choices like rosé or Pinot Noir. However, Donna explains her reasoning: “The light body and lighter fruit and floral aromas of Pinot Grigio can lift up the hot dog and its fixings without overwhelming the flavors.” It’s all about striking a balance between the richness of the hot dog and the acidity of the wine.

Of course, Donna encourages personalizing your pairing based on your own preferences. If you prefer a smokier hot dog, a Pinot Noir with its deeper fruit notes might be a better match. For those who love spicy toppings, a Riesling with its touch of sweetness could complement the heat. Ultimately, the best pairing is the one that pleases your palate and enhances your enjoyment of the game.

Beyond the food, Donna emphasizes the importance of creating a fun and festive atmosphere for the big day. Whether it’s decorating your living room with team colors, inviting friends and family over, or simply cheering alongside your loved ones, the shared experience is what makes Super Bowl Sunday special.

So, this year, when you reach for that hot dog, take a page from Mama Kelce’s playbook and explore the world of wine pairings. You might be surprised at what delicious combinations you discover! And who knows, maybe her lucky charm will rub off and bring your favorite team closer to a victory.

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