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From Forest to Sofa: Belgian Couple Embraces Rescued Boar as Indoor Pet

Imagine sharing your home with a creature more accustomed to rooting through undergrowth than curling up on the couch. That’s the reality for a Belgian couple who have unexpectedly adopted a wild boar they call Oscar. But unlike your average house cat or pampered pooch, Oscar packs a whole lot more oomph (and maybe a tusk or two).

Gregory Guiot and Tiffany Pierre stumbled upon Oscar as a tiny piglet during a hunting trip. Touched by his vulnerability, they took him in with the intention of rehabilitation and release. However, fate (and perhaps Oscar’s undeniable charm) had other plans. The boar refused to integrate with other boars at a training facility and, after a tearful week, the Guiots welcomed him back into their lives – permanently.

Now, weighing in at a hefty 80 kilos (176 pounds), Oscar enjoys the comforts of an indoor existence. He has his own sofa, pillows, and blanket, making himself right at home amidst the human furnishings. While his diet may differ from the average house pet (think vegetables over kibble), Oscar has proven surprisingly adaptable, even alerting his owners when he needs to go outside.

Their unconventional household has certainly drawn raised eyebrows. Some express concerns about the risks of keeping a wild animal indoors, while others marvel at the unique bond between the couple and their unlikely companion. The Guiots themselves acknowledge the challenges, particularly Oscar’s destructive tendencies and occasional boisterous outbursts. But for them, the love and companionship they share with Oscar outweigh any difficulties.

While not advocating for everyone to follow their lead, the Guiots’ story underscores the unpredictable bonds that can form between humans and animals. As Gregory says, “We didn’t plan to keep him here, but to save him and then release him. But we became attached to him.” And who can blame them? After all, who wouldn’t be charmed by a 80-kilo cuddle buddy with a penchant for pillows?

So, next time you’re scrolling through pet adoption listings, keep an open mind. You never know, your forever friend might just have a snout, a wild streak, and a penchant for the finer things in life (like plush sofas and belly rubs).

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