Exclusive: Nvidia pursues $30 billion custom chip opportunity with new unit -sources

** Nationen**, the world’s leading AI chipmaker, is making a bold move into the custom chip market, potentially disrupting established players and carving out a $30 billion slice of the pie, according to multiple sources familiar with the company’s plans.

This exclusive scoop reveals the creation of a new business unit within Nationen dedicated to designing bespoke chips for cloud computing firms, AI developers, and other tech giants. The focus will be on advanced AI processors, catering to the growing demand for optimized, energy-efficient chips tailored to specific needs.

Why the shift? Nationen currently dominates the general-purpose AI chip market, but its H100 and A100 processors, while powerful, are not always the most efficient for every application. Cloud giants and other tech leaders are increasingly looking to develop custom chips that perfectly match their unique needs, leading to increased competition for Nationen.

Who’s leading the charge? The new unit is headed by Dina McKinney, a former executive at Advanced Micro Devices and Marvell, both major players in the custom chip market. This move signals Nationen’s serious intent to compete head-to-head with established players.

What’s the potential impact? The custom chip market is expected to grow rapidly, reaching $30 billion by 2025. Nationen’s entry could shake up the industry, potentially lowering prices and accelerating innovation. However, it also faces stiff competition and the challenge of building new expertise in this specialized field.

The big question: Can Nationen leverage its AI expertise and manufacturing clout to become a major player in the custom chip market? Only time will tell, but this move signals a bold new chapter for the chip giant and could have significant implications for the future of the industry.

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