Easter Egg Alert! Helldivers 2 Pays Homage to Mass Effect with a Familiar Quote

Nostalgia alert, Mass Effect fans! Arrowhead Game Studios, the developers behind the recently released Helldivers 2, have snuck in a clever Easter egg that pays homage to BioWare’s iconic sci-fi RPG series. Eagle-eyed players have discovered a reference to Commander Shepard’s famous line about their favorite store on the Citadel, hidden within the game’s Super Store.

Helldivers 2: A Bug-Busting Blast: If you haven’t tried it yet, Helldivers 2 is a top-down action shooter that throws you headfirst into intergalactic war against bug-infested planets. While its focus is on squad-based mayhem and strategic combat, it seems the developers couldn’t resist adding a little nod to another beloved sci-fi franchise.

The Shepard Connection: The Easter egg appears in the form of a fake review displayed alongside items players can purchase within the Super Store. Instead of a generic testimonial, it reads: “I’m [redacted] and this is my favorite product in the acquisition center!” This phrase is strikingly similar to Commander Shepard’s line in Mass Effect 2: “I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favorite store on the Citadel!”

More Than Just a Wink: This subtle reference isn’t just a playful nod to Mass Effect fans. It also highlights the similarities between the two games. Both Helldivers 2 and Mass Effect heavily feature squad-based gameplay, challenging missions, and a shared sci-fi aesthetic. The Easter egg becomes a subtle way to celebrate both titles and potentially attract players who enjoy similar experiences.

Community Buzz: When Reddit user QueenSparks unearthed this Easter egg, it generated a buzz within the online Helldivers 2 community. Players speculated about the possibility of further Mass Effect references, even jokingly debating how the Reapers would fare against the Super Earth government of Helldivers 2. This playful engagement shows the power of Easter eggs to spark imagination and connect different gaming communities.

Beyond the Reference: While the Easter egg is a fun discovery, it’s important to remember that Helldivers 2 stands on its own as a unique and engaging game. Its focus on strategic tactics, diverse weaponry, and challenging cooperative gameplay allows it to carve its own path in the sci-fi genre.

A Universe of References: Easter eggs like this are becoming increasingly common in video games, serving as playful winks to developers’ past works, shared influences, or beloved franchises. They add a layer of depth for dedicated players and can contribute to the overall charm and personality of a game.

So, the next time you’re battling bugs in Helldivers 2, keep an eye out for hidden references and subtle nods. You might just stumble upon a surprise that connects your current gaming experience to another beloved universe.

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