Bug Out With Samples: Mastering the Harvest in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 throws you headfirst into an intergalactic war for bug-squashing glory. But beyond vanquishing insectoid foes, gathering precious Samples is crucial for upgrading your arsenal and bolstering your defenses. Don’t get swarmed by confusion – here are the easiest ways to farm Samples in Helldivers 2:

1. Embrace the Eradication: When the mission board flashes Eradication missions, rejoice! These compact maps teem with bugs and often have high Sample concentrations. Simply run around (staying safe, of course!) and search near craters, ruined fortifications, and enemy outposts. The bonus? These missions wrap up quickly, maximizing your Sample-to-time ratio.

2. Loot Like a Pro: Don’t just blast past research bases, frontier homes, and crash sites. These Points of Interest (POIs) are treasure troves of Samples, appearing as research canisters or small crates depending on the location. Keep a keen eye out and loot everything in sight.

3. Master the Boarding Action: During ship-to-ship battles, don’t just disable the enemy vessel. Choose the boarding action option and let your squad overpower the opposing crew. While not a full-blown brawl, this cinematic sequence nets you valuable Samples upon successful takeover.

4. Befriend Specialized Ships: Certain ships boast Sample-boosting abilities. The Brigantine, for example, throws grappling hooks to slow enemies, mimicking a close-quarters maneuver that rewards you with Samples. Explore different ships and see which ones synergize with your playstyle and Sample farming goals.

5. Remember – Samples Are Everywhere: While focusing on these methods is efficient, keep in mind that Samples are scattered throughout the game. Keep an eye out for shimmering blue orbs during any mission, especially while completing objectives. You never know when a bug-infested corner might hold a hidden treasure.

Bonus Tip: Squad up with friends! Teamwork makes the dream work, and coordinated efforts ensure everyone benefits from a successful Sample run. Plus, shared knowledge and revived teammates help you conquer challenges and maximize your rewards.

Remember, Helldivers 2 is about more than just collecting Samples. It’s about strategic combat, teamwork, and the thrill of overcoming adversity. So, grab your weapon, choose your tactics, and get ready to farm Samples like a pro – but don’t forget to savor the chaotic fun along the way!

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